Corporate Identity solved in combination - photo, video & design.

Trigger warning. This video contains flashes of light that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.

Great communication results in great projects.

Documentary film/ Portraitvideos/ Teaser/ Exhibitions/ Productphotos/ Portraits-Photos/Video/ Film/ Architecture-Photografie/ Corporate-Design/ Brand-Design/ Brand values/ Editorial Design/ Logo

Documentary film/ Portraitvideos/ Teaser/ Exhibitions/ Productphotos/ Portraits-Photos/Video/ Film/ Architecture-Photografie/ Corporate-Design/ Brand-Design/ Brand values/ Editorial Design/

Authentic photos, videos, and design concepts that show your person/ company honestly and professionally.

Sounds interesting, but still unsure? Why?

A lot to say - here is all...

I create content with meaning - for humans & the earth.