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Videography, Edit.


A showreel is a compilation of different film projects. The variety of images and subject areas is shown.


Marlon Navarro - Leathergoods

Malron Navarro produces high quality and durable leather products. Its wide range of large travel bags, belts and repairs requires a new concept and implementation of the photographic representation. Through the development of a structured product line and product naming, a completely new luxurious product appearance of leather goods is created.

Photography, Graphic Design.

Earth Wildfire

Humans are responsible for over 90% of forest fires. The causes are deforestation, arson or carelessness. In the “Earth Wildfire” project, I take a position on what is happening in nature and in particular on how people deal with the forests of this earth. The destruction of forests is progressing due to the global consequences of climate change, negligence, intentional arson and, last but not least, forest management methods. With my project, I want to draw attention to this and change people’s awareness of this. In this way, mankind can appreciate nature and forests more again.

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Conzept, Graphic Design, Illustration & Layout

The way to climate neutrality

Design and concept: climate brochure for the city of Neu-Isenburg. A fresh, modern and simple design is to be created that makes the city’s sustainable goals clear and is quickly understandable for the population. The four main chapters are clearly structured by their own color and identified by an illustrative design.

Film, Graphic Design.

Refill the energy

Deceleration. Unwind and clear your head. I take up all of this in the film and implement it through very slow and calm sequences of natural everyday life. Be it a slow escalator, a snail-paced train, or a fisherman at sea. The video puts you in the role of the viewer. For me, not being active is one of the keys to finding new energy. The use of hectic, flickering typography evokes the feeling of stress that pervades the video and later calms down. Likewise, the sound design is built in.

Photography, Graphic Design, Print

Arc. negative space

The space around and between the subjects of an image is called negative space. I show the negative space as the main motif, using architectural photos, and thus create interesting compositions from the negative space and the otherwise positive space. I distort the photos in such a way that even part of the subject becomes negative space in the picture. This gives me a generative, aesthetic blending of motif and background.